Carve Deeper...

The written word is no different than water in its subtle and extreme capacity to impact physical and digital worlds, and like water,  I endeavor to carve deep into the essence of your brand, the intention of your business and your vision as an entrepreneur.

I generate written content for innovative entrepreneurs and startups and value the economics of your time and attention by following the mantra, Fewer Words – More Impact. By communicating what your business does and what you have to offer in a compelling way, I assist you in speaking directly to your target market and audience. 

Craft Your Story...

There are many factors that influence the success of a business, and nothing is more important than the way you position yourself through the power of your Brand Story. Crafting the story of your business in an easily translatable manner that creates brand recognition is essential. Before you spend thousands of dollars on logo and website development, invest in some killer copy.          Your story comes first. Period.

About Carve Deeper...

As a published writer for over 14 years, my work has been featured in both regional and national publications. For the past 4 years I've focused my attention on writing content for businesses and entrepreneurs that I respect and admire and my client roster includes attorneys, tech startups,  automotive service and retail companies, wineries, nutritionists, contractors, non-profits, musicians, artists and more. 

I take the writing of your brand story seriously and approach the craft of generating high quality copy and content from a holistic perspective, carving deep into the essence of your brand, the intention of your business and your vision as an entrepreneur.

"I hired Jaime at Carve Deeper Content to write the copy for my website and she perfectly depicted my journey and mission. She was able translate broad concepts into easily understandable information for my target audience.

Jaime treats her client's work as her own and takes time to learn your whole story and style of expression. She deliverers powerful content that will far surpass your expectations. I highly recommend her."

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