What to do now that the election eclipse has passed

I keep searching for some wise elder grandmother whose lap I can crawl into for solace. Someone who can tell me, "Sweetheart, we've been here before... we made it through... all will be well." But then I realize... all the wise grandmothers I know are equally stunned and silenced and these are unprecedented times. We've never been here before, experiencing this particular constellation of circumstances, conditions and social and environmental pressures.

Yesterday we held an election, Donald Trump won, certain values that I don't personally relate to triumphed, and now our bisected nation has to figure out how to proceed with dignity and courage. I believe in the inevitability of progress so I'm going to focus on licking my wounds, acknowledging the facts of the situation and moving forward with grace. I'm not transplanting to Canada, I'm not surrendering my values or what I see as possible for our country and our species and I don't feel defeated... just deeply challenged and fairly surprised.

For the people who saw Trump/Pence as a solution to their dissatisfaction with the state of American and worldly affairs... congratulations. You won this match and I hope you feel heard and seen and acknowledged, because you're opinions and values matter just as much as mine or anybody else's. For the people who viewed Trump/Pence as an impediment to all viable forms of progress... I feel your frustration and the overwhelming sensation of backsliding. We've been dealt a blow, but my friends, please, let's not die on this hill.

Four years from now, in August of 2020 we celebrate 100 years of women's suffrage and later that year in November we elect a new leader. I see this as a new dawn, not without challenges, but ripe with opportunity. Until then, we've got work to do, holding the line on what we've striven so hard to accomplish and moving the needle forward toward growth and progressive evolution while also listening to and dialoguing with those who differ from us in value and vision for the future of our country. My eyes are open and my mind is sharp. I'm ready to move... ready to take personal responsibility wherever possible and most importantly, I'm committed to not losing heart. The work begins immediately and for me it's all internal.

So come on... no more jokes about the world ending because Donald Trump got elected - unless we're having a candid discussion about climate change, in which case, such jokes aren't so far fetched. Instead, let's be classy, braver than ever before, innovative, creative, positive, dignified, strong, united, maintaining of a sense of humor and above all else... kind.