And I want that shit now!

Sometimes Life flows with extraordinary ease and momentum, slipping into place like the clutch of a new Porsche. Other moments slog on as though the atmosphere were some kind of ectoplasm, miring my efforts and endeavors in a sludge of ineffectual suspension. I genuinely despise such moments… there’s really no other way to say it, and I’d be lying if I claimed to be graceful and accepting of such roadblocks to my flow. In truth, I want what I want when I want it, and that usually means immediately. I become Veruca Salt from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a spoiled little twerp who wants her Oompa Loompa NOW!  If we’re talking souls, then my lesson is clear… slow down girl. Be patient. Things take time.

Being patient has always felt like Kryptonite poisoning, and waiting for something to happen, manifest and transpire was generally a slow torture for this kid. My inner child, confined to the hull of my 35-year-old self can often be seen rolling her eyes, murmuring from the back seat of the station wagon, “Are we there yet?”

Slow down girl. Be patient. Things take time. A butterfly’s wings need to crinkle forth from the confines of its cocoon to struggle and inflate with a life-force infusion that enables it to fly. If you mess with the crinkle-inflation process, you mangle the wings and the butterfly’s rendered flightless. A flower bud needs pressure to build from its center, packing its petal folds tightly against the skin of its container until it bursts into blossom. Removing that pressure stunts the bud’s growth and hinders the flowering process.

I feel the crinkle-inflation struggle to fly and the escalating pressure to blossom, and again, the lesson is clear… slow down little Veruca. Be patient. Things take time.