I found the large seed pod on a back country road in the jungle state of Nayarit, Mexico. Like a woody pumpkin, it made for an interesting decoration beside my bed where I hung a small collection of earrings from its attached stem. The seed sat innocuously for months until the other day when in the early hours of the morning it decided to rip forth, shotgun cracking in close proximity to my face and exploding crescent-shaped husks and oblong seeds across my bedroom floor.

What is the significance of the exploding seed rocketing me from my dreams into wakefulness at dawn? After much contemplation I've reached a handful of conclusions. Firstly, I'm a writer, an artist, a poet, a singer and a thinker and these are not things to be ashamed of or shy about. These are simply things to let be, parts of myself begging for nurture and expression over suppression and stagnation. From the erupting seed I learned this: The Universe, and me within it carries explosive potential. Loud, unexpected shotgun-cracking potential that will sit in wait, gathering insight, information and momentum from Life and the World until the creative pressure is so great that it bursts forth in crescent-shaped husks and oblong seeds of brilliance and color.