The woman knelt at the goddess's feet like a child. She lowered her head in pained reverence before summoning the courage to look into the winged one's violet eyes. Tears flowing hot down her cheeks, she pleaded, "What now, my Queen? Where do I go from here and what do I do now that He is gone? I stand alone, like a solitary tree in a field, whipped jagged by the wind. In this big house, in this big world - who will hold my hand? Who will breathe beside me in this life? Who will love me, and see me and hold me as He did? I am broken before you, and in the depth of my pain, I ask, how will I ever rise again?"

The mother goddess looked with kindness upon the woman, beholding her suffering, her fear, her bravery, and her willingness to do good. Smiling gently, she replied, "My precious daughter, you know well by now that Life and Love do not flow backwards, nor do they contract in smallness.  Like the Universe that birthed us forth, Life and Love are in the business of expansion. The future holds more riches than you are permitted to see, my dear, and I must ask you once again to trust me. To trust us. You do not stand alone, for you carry within you the velvet heartbreak of all the lovers of the ages, who stretch beyond the horizon of the infinite soul. 

This will not be your final breaking, for your heart rests upon the foundation of Life's collective heart, which is mighty and vast, and more courageous than all the lions of the plains. You are safe and beloved, blessed and adored. I speak to you now in response to your inquiry - Henceforth, you will go where you are led and you will do what you are called to do, but to know such things you must listen deeper than ever before. 

Until given further notice, you will hold your own sweet hand, gently guiding the child that you once were. You will breathe the sacred breath of the angels, the children, and the flowers. Let your breath be the constant prayer of life... the rise and fall of existence embodied within you. You will love others as you wish to be loved. You will see others as you wish to be seen, and you will hear others as you wish to be heard. Fear not, dear child, for a rolling tide of Love is en-route to the shores of your brave heart. You must prepare yourself. Be ready to wade into Love's frothy bliss. Surrender as it cascades down upon your broken frame, into the hollow of your tear-stained face. Ready yourself for Love to pull you deep below its drowning waves, transforming you, making you One with the All-ness of the ALL. 

And with that, the Goddess rose and released her great wings into the wind like sails. The sun caught the shimmering scales of her feathers, casting a resplendent iridescence across the sky. She nodded to the woman before ascending to the opal heavens like a magnificent bird, beaming telepathically through her amethyst eyes, "My dear, you must believe."